I’m a Glasgow-based freelance graphic designer with a wealth of top level experience – over 14 years to be exact – delivering engaging and inspiring creative solutions to communicate with audiences and drive fresh and sustained interest back to companies and brands.


I create big, innovative ideas that work across all channels and sectors – whether that be print, motion, digital, or beyond. I’ve been doing it all my life; taking an idea apart, sticking it back together again, and seeing if I could make it better.

Fundamentally, I remain at heart a passionate and driven designer of fully realised visual identity systems – one that thrives on the challenge of creating unique and striking solutions that successfully alter the perception of a business, platform or product and get them noticed where it matters most. It’s the creation of a versatile, yet consistent design framework that enables brands to speak to audiences in highly effective ways.

Taking a concept-driven approach, I relish all aspects of the creative process. From conceiving that initial ‘big idea’ – the kind that really serves to bring a message or idea to life and strikes that rare chord with all involved – to the careful nurturing and refining of the finished article.


It’s about creating highly impactful stories that continue to move and resonate long after they’ve first been seen and heard.

I’m adept and hugely experienced at working quickly and confidently from first concepts through to final delivery. Strategic, original thinking is central to everything I do, whether that’s working individually to a tightly focused brief or in tandem with an agency in a fast-paced environment across a sprawling, multi-faceted design project.

I especially thrive on working in tight-knit teams to produce the strongest possible concepts that stand out from the pack. I’m also an assured project leader, capable of steering a team’s ideas and diverse personalities towards a fully conceptualised, living, breathing design solution.


Where I have broadened my skill set is in applying that same strategic thinking to screen with broadcast and motion graphics to provide a truly holistic brand representation. That has meant several extensions of my capability in order to embrace ever-evolving client challenges, including: logo animations and brand stories, working with directors, animators and musicians to create memorable and provocative title sequences, in-programme graphics, TV idents, promos, and full on-air channel packages.

With a strong track record of sustained success in a variety of local and international project settings, I have worked with award-winning creative studios including Lambie-Nairn, Dunning Penney Jones and Moving Brands. In doing so, I have worked for names such as BT, Diageo, UEFA, Panasonic, Renault, Sky, O2, Al Jazeera, ITV, GSK and Rolls-Royce, always delivering a high standard of work that has broad and enduring appeal.

If creativity is making the complicated simple, then I aim to make the notion of working with me a simple choice for those seeking strikingly original, consistently excellent results.